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Welcome to the Riverborn world!

A revolution is brewing in Belsinane, but it’s not coming fast enough to save Sola and Tower from their fate.  They’re Riverborn, and that only means one thing–in a few weeks they’ll be auctioned and forced to serve a Seaborn family for life.  Slavery is the only future that Sola and Tower can see until strange encounters during a rescue mission make them question what’s possible and what’s real.

Together, Sola and Tower uncover a startling truth about the rescue, and it plunges them into a mystery that spans two worlds.  As tension escalates in Belsinane and violence erupts on the streets, Sola and Tower embark on a dangerous journey of their own.  They enter a new reality where baffling clues may alter their future and reveal the secrets of a nearly forgotten past.  With mystery, fantasy, time travel, and magic, Riverborn is a story you will never forget!

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